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Using a military color scheme, Original Adidas came up with this pack. The pack is dubbed as the Street Pack. All included in the pack is a backpack, tote bag, messenger bag, and a wallet. Materials used are a heavy cotton canvas meshed with leather. Also seen in the pictures are subtle details which I believe is very well put together. Available at Adidas Original stores. Info via HYPEBEAST.

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Coming off a remarkable season, where he won his first regular season MVP, Kobe Bryant has seen Nike paying a lot of homage to him. Well here is another one from the Nike camp. This time they used their Big Nike model. Its decked out with black premium leather upper white and purple mid sole and sole and marked with a gold MVP on the back heel. Also added is a gold trim outlining the Nike check and gold laces as well as a detailed insole. Pretty dope aren’t they??? It is claimed to be less than 100 pairs produced. Info via SoleCollector.

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Pharrell Williams, the front man for N.E.R.D., got together with Domeau & Peres to design the perspective chair.  The chairs design was inspired by the relationship between a man and woman.   “I had often wondered what it’s like to truly be in love,not lust for once..So I decided not to ask what it was like in someone else’s shoes or what it was like to sit in their seat..I decided to sketch out my own experiment; the perspective chair.”



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A photographer by the name boogie from Europe moved to Brooklyn and had the balls to go into the hood and shoot some hot ass  pics. the cat got skillz dont sleep ! check out some of his work !   boogie11.jpg Read the rest of this entry »

Since our flagship store is in the galaxy of Queens on a very secluded side block off Corona Ave. the block itself is not well lit and considered hard to find. We started to look at the whole block and noticed a lot of  new jack /toy graffiti throw ups on the block, making it look dirtier and uglier than it is. During a cipha one of the members of the society had a great idea to paint all the gates from the stores around us. Since Secret Society is good to thy neighbors and a great asset to the community we decided to boost up the property value and clean up our block. So we called A who is a very well known and talented artist from LES that’s been doing what he does for over 20 years kids! His alias is A. Charles and he’s been a part of our movement for about two years now and helps out when he’s not traveling the country or working on any new  projects with both upcoming and established companies. Right now he’s working on a fat cap toy for kid robot that we got to see samples of and it is looking very fresh I might add.  Here are some pics but still more work to come. Stay tuned… same channel same place people over and out.

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This post is to pay homage to one of the illest live ink artists in the States. His portfolio speaks for itself check  his page at he’s currently taking appointments in the nyc area. E-Mail him at

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BANKSY is a well-known semi-anonymous British graffiti artist . The Artist banksy is well known for his crazy style, he sold artwork to famous ppl such as Angelina Jolie spent £200,000 on works by the British guerrilla artist at his high-profile show in Los Angeles. New Yorkers will finally have the chance to see two Banksy masterpieces at the Sotheby Auctionit takes centre stage as the contemporary art world puts on a show in awareness of AIDS. CHECK OUT HIS SITE HERE :

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