Driving down Houston I got caught at a red light on the intersection of Houston and Bowery and noticed this amazing mural, NYC is filled with Murals but this one truly caught my eye…here is a snapshot I took on my Phone.

Located: Kenny Scharf Mural East Houston Street & Bowery

Here is what I found out about the mural:

While the art world is in preparation for its annual migration to Miami for Art Basel. Pop artist Kenny Scharf squeezed in a few days to put his mark on the mural by Houston Street and Bowery. Formerly managed by Jeff Deitch and now curated by Deitch Project alum Kathy Grayson, the Wall have seen a heavy rotation of artist (and artwork), with a Dash Snow (SACE IRAK) memorial as the most recent decor. If you’re in New York City for the holidays, swing by the busy intersection for a look yourself.

via: Freshness Mag

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