The app most in-depth mobile Sneaker application on the market.   MySneakers help you find the pair of kicks that you have been searching for (and maybe some that you haven’t) at a store nearest to you anywhere in the world.

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LATEST – Sneaker/Stores/Blogs are listed in order of latest upload into the app.
TOP 10 – Sneaker/Stores/Blogs listed are based on the current communal rating.
FAVORITES – Users can select specific Sneaker/Stores/Blogs as their favorites to list.
RECOMMENDED – This list of Sneaker/Stores/Blogs are the recommendations of the MySneakers team of the coolest/trending shoes of that month
SEARCH – Users can search for Sneaker/Stores/Blogs by name, brand, product code, colors, styles, materials used, release date, product category or any combination of the above.
NEARBY – With GPS locator on, users can click on the NearBy button and a list of the stores closest in proximity will appear.
MAP THESE STORES – Using this function will open up maps in the Iphone to map the stores listed.
RATING – Users can rate a Sneaker/Stores/Blog from 1 to 5 stars.
DETAILS SCREEN – Users are able to view up to 4 images of the Sneaker/Stores/Blogs selected, and can view details such as: name, brand, product code, release date, colorway, category & materials.
FIND IT – Tapping this button will open a list of STORES that are tagged to the shoe the user is viewing. Stores will be listed by proximity to the user.
SHARE – Users can “share” their latest Sneaker/Stores/Blogs findings with their friends on Facebook and Twitter.