Found this interesting Via: kixandthecity.com.

Marcus Jordan, who’s been known to flash his own PE Air Jordans, is set to play for the University of Central Florida this year. Besides the fact that his choice of UCF caught many people off guard, UCF is also an adidas sponsored program. Marcus’ father, Michael Jordan, has traditionally not played well with adidas, or any other non-Nike/Jordan brand for that matter. Marcus has acknowledged the fact that he will wear his team’s adidas apparel but, he will only wear Air Jordans on his feet. The thing is, adidas and UCF have a contract in place whereby both parties agreed to certain things. I am pretty sure that allowing players to wear Air Jordan sneakers is not in that contract.

The situation has yet to be resolved and there is a potential for a breach of contract. Darren Rovell has the full story over at [CNBC].