JJ 003

I know Im late with this but fuck it had a busy week…so me and fellas went to check out that Deez Nuts Play in the city last weekend. The play was about the Queens based hispanic group “The BeatNuts” and there expierence’s in the music industry like recording a single with Big Pun in his studio. The play was pretty dope and well though of  and being a big BeatNuts fan myself growing up I really appreciate hearing there classic’s which they would bust out with during the play as they talked about a situation that related to making that song. Check the Pics…JJ 001

Hommy,that funny dude and Epic…JJ 005JJ 004We Went out Later that Night Check this is The Nika “DJ Sretch Armstrong” for those that dont know this DJ is a living legend the shit he did on his MIXTAPES was Original…Him and Bobbitos show had legends like Biggie, Jayz, Big Lto name a few rhyming for props and street cred.JJ 008