J.Chinchilla (14)Joshua Chinchilla is a young NY born/ Queens raised photographer. His eye is crazy and is getting better with every shoot. His resume includes personalities and company’s like Joe Budden , Lv the stylist, Omahyra Mota , Alex Sensation , DJ Camilo , Jessica Rabbit , LMFAO , All the Right , Sabit , SECRET SOCIETY to name a few.His brother was a major influence in his life who took photography classes in high school. Joshua remembers being about 12 years old while watching his brother work when he instantly fell in love with photography. Practice makes perfect but when you love what you do it’s so much easier to keep going hard at it and the work definitely speaks for itself. Keep it up homie. Hope you enjoy the pics…J.Chinchilla (3)J.Chinchilla (2)J.Chinchilla (7)J.Chinchilla (6)J.Chinchilla (9)J.Chinchilla (8)J.Chinchilla (11)J.Chinchilla (10)J.Chinchilla (20)J.Chinchilla (19)J.Chinchilla (22)J.Chinchilla (21)J.ChinchillaJ.Chinchilla (1)J.Chinchilla (23)J.Chinchilla (25)
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