Last night all eyes were on Nate Robinson’s feet.  Nate debuted his special KryptoNate Foamposite Lites, a clever way of going at Dwight Howard aka Superman, that made for Nates alter ego Nate Luthor The mean green shoe got major love from TNT and the crowd. Dipped in all green the trick worked and Nate dethroned Superman. When we last saw the shoes, New York Knicks die-hard fan, Spike Lee, was trying to wrestle them away from the champ. So far there are no plans for any release, but it has carved its status as one of the most memorable Slam Dunk Contest images ever, as well as one of the most incredible PE’s ever seen.

Not my style but its dope to see some kind of excitement back in the slam dunk contest. Maybe Lebron can take it to the Michael Jordan days next year…..more pics after the jump.