Today’s Artist Spotlight is on the talented MC from Boston, Mass, Spohkes.  His new single Privat Plane is hitting the internet wave pretty hard.  He wanted to get his word out to the world, so catch it after the jump.  If you didn’t know who he was before this post, you will after this article.  Spohkes speaks about where he recieves is inspiration from, the artist that he respects and what makes him different than the rest after the jump.

The artist Spohkes speaks about where he recieves is inspiration from, the artist that he respects and what makes him different than the rest.

      Some of my earlier musical inspirations come from those who define great achievement and strive on being different; those who aren’t scared to stand out and be themselves as oppose to just doing what everyone else is doing.  Some of my inspirations are Tupac, Jay-Z, Stack Bundles, Corey Gunz, Sizzla, T-Pain, Andre 3000, Bob Marley, Lil’ Wayne, Drake, Janelle Monae, Jadakiss, Fabolous, and many more.  Outside of music, my inspirations come from my past, the life I am accustomed to and my drive to succeed in a hostile upbringing.  My inspiration comes from my everyday encounters, my family and peers, and just me wanting to be heard and respected for my talent. 

      I respect Lil’ Wayne, 50 Cent, P. Diddy, and many more for numerous reasons but if I had to pick one ultimately it would be a toss up between Jay-Z and P. Diddy only because they do more than just music.  They both have a larger market and conduct businesses other than music which is beneficial because they venture out and make more money in other ways than the average artist.  With me, it’s bigger than just being a recording artist and making great music.  I want to be versatile as far as networking and doing business with others as well.   

      I feel most artists follow a trend and lack individuality.  I think a lot of artists are scared to be themselves so instead of them making music that is pure to themselves at heart; they follow the trend of making music that everyone else is doing.  As an artist, I pride myself on making real music.  I also differ myself from others because I have a down bottom flow and at the same time I have an up north flow.  I switch it up on every song I ever record.  I always want to keep my listeners on their toes and keep them guessing.  Some artist are boring because they tend to deliver the same way on every record.  I make music that’s out  the box and to the left of what everyone else is doing currently.  Music is a hit or miss sport and I am not afraid to be different. 

Shout outs to my manager, Sadiq “Hollywood” Davies, Wande, and all of my fans.