We posted a post about Kris Kasanova a while back, but hes back again with his latest single called “Street Life”.  His camp, Matrax Music, is loaded with talent, from super producers Clyde and Harry, to gifted MCs such as Hicks and Arsiney, to even the grindhouse manager K. Fortson(remember the name).  We stopped to ask Kris a few questions just so the world can get to know him a little better.  Check out his single below.

Name and city you represent: Kris Kasanova, Brooklyn, New York

Where did you recieve your inspiration from?  My greatest inspiration is life itself. The every day hustle and grind. Know that the more you put in, the greater the out come is.

Which hip hop artist do you respect the most?  I have to say Jay has my respect most of all.  He’s a perfect example of what a business man should look like. Not to mention his sick flow and influence on the world.

What makes you different from the rest?  What makes me different from the others is that I’m just like the people I’m trying to reach.  Everybody now a days wants to be so different, so by just being the same really makes me different. Hahahahah crazy world!

Shout outs… 

Shout out to Matrax the family
Secret Society the team
My little Brother Millz hold ya head
And my Grandmoms, lol