Secret Society is proud to introduce the “Think Different Collection”.  It’s all about a breath of fresh air for the over saturated street wear market.  Review the collection and be warned: this is not an attack, but about the idealism that “characters” put in their heads. Those who can’t say hi when you  walk into their stores, those who think they know style when their just  PUPPETS, those who pay ridiculous prices for cappuccinos when it’s just cafe con leche, those who judge art without true convictions…This is about exposing the CORRUPTION.  


For those who have been living on another planet, you can check out the line sheet here… Think Different… Secret Society Think Different collection are in stores now.  For a location near you, click here, Stockist.


Check out some more pics after the jump.  All of the Think Different collection is available on-line at KICKZSTORE.

Photos provide by Ridwan from Ridzdesign.