Who Is Kris Kasanova? K.nowledgeable, R.espected, I.nnovative, and S.incere are words that best describe the Brooklyn born, Red Hook native. Born in the declining years of the Reagan Era, Kris was influenced by the struggle he witnessed in the streets, at home, and told by artists ranging from Rakim to Jay-Z.  Kris began his musical journey at the tender age of 7 when his father, who was an aspiring rapper reemerged into his life. Over the years, as his father began to lose his burning passion for music, Kris quickly found his. Since then, Kris has obtained  the knowledge of and love for the art of music. His passion and unique style has transformed him from Kristopher M. Thomas into Kris Kasanova.  
Throughout his school years, Kris continuously practiced sharpening his skills in order to become a true creative and innovative MC. His refreshing sound and unorthodox delivery opened the ears of fellow Brooklynites, producers Clyde and Harry. The Duo Quickly opened their arms and the evolution of Kris Kasanova began.    
If Kris could be any painter he would be Picasso because “…of the different way that I see life. Growing up in the hood, in a dead end, still able to find something positive in my eyes, and forming a unique way of portraying it to others…”. If lyrics paint a picture, Kris has produced masterpieces with his sincere rhymes, distinct swagger, unique vision where he illustrates the struggles of every day life.

Check out some more pics of Kris Kasanova rocking the infamous “Think Different” tee from Secret Society.