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A small sneak peek to the highly anticipated return of the classic Secret Society x New Era “Trust” fitted.  This Hat has an offical realease date of August 11th.  Please stay tuned we will realease more information soon!

“All we ask is TRUST”

IMG00081-20090507-1733 Trust whether in NYC or On a Flight to Switzerland DJ Clark Kent stays doing it BIG. Heres some flicks from the big homies Crackberry showing love rocking the SS Trust New Era cap on the plane and in the hotel lobby. Read the rest of this entry »


2.    Secret Society x New Era “SS Trust” fitted

Definitely one of the most impressive fitteds we’ve seen in a long time with a fully detailed under-bill in patent leather and a strong 3D graphic embroidered on the front.  This puts Secret Society on the “Brand To Watch For 2009” list…

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